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Ali Guermazi
Ali Guermazi Boston University, USA
Dr. Guermazi is a French board-certified radiologist. Prior to joining Boston University, he was Director of the Osteoporosis and Arthritis Research Group (OARG) at University of California at
San Francisco (UCSF) and then Director of Clinical Research at Synarc, Inc. in San Francisco. Dr. Guermazi interest is musculoskeletal diseases, in particular note are his scientific contributions in the diagnosis and disease progression assessment of osteoarthritis using MRI. His work has focused on identifying structural risk factors for developing and worsening osteoarthritis. Dr.
Guermazi had been involved in developing several original and widely accepted radiological methods to assess osteoarthritis disease risk and progression, including the WORMS, BLOKS and MOAKS for the knee, HOAMS for the hip and fixed-flexion radiography for measuring joint space width. Dr. Guermazi has been involved as an MRI reader for the past 14 years in several large U.S. studies including the Health Aging and Body Composition (Health ABC) study, the
Boston Osteoarthritis Knee study (BOKS), the Multi-center Osteoarthritis STudy (MOST), the Framingham study, Osteoarthritis Initiative (OAI), and other large NIH-funded studies, as well as several Pharmaceutical-sponsored clinical trials. He is author of over 275 peer-reviewed publications and Investigator on numerous research grants related to MRI reading for Osteoarthritis.
Ali Guermazi教授,美国波士顿大学放射学教授,曾担任旧金山加州大学(UCSF)骨质疏松症和关节炎研究组(OARG)主任,旧金山Synarc临床研究主任。他主要从事确定发生和恶化骨关节炎的结构性风险因素的研究。在MRI中对骨关节炎的诊断和疾病进展评估的有重大的科学贡献,并参与开发了多种目前被广泛应用于放射学来评估骨关节炎疾病的风险和进展的方法,包括膝关节的WORMS,BLOKS和MOAKS,HOAMS等用于测量关节间隙宽度的髋关节和固定屈曲X线成像的技术方法。他的团队参与了许多与骨关节炎MRI诊断有关的研究,参与了多中心骨关节炎研究(MOST),Framingham研究,骨关节炎计划(OAI)和其他大型NIH资助的研究,以及几个药物赞助的临床试验。在国际期刊上发表了超过 275 篇研究著作。